Monday, June 18, 2007

Lavender Fields Forever

I am pleased to report that I can check my first Thing off the list. H.W.L. and I went to the Blue Mountain Lavender Fields on Sunday, and had a really wonderful time. The weather was perfect--clear and warm, but not overly so. The fields are a pleasant fifteen-min. drive outside of town, and it's quite possible to believe yourself in Provence.

We garnered four different types of lavender, and took our own sweet time doing it. I was amazed how much calmer I felt as soon as I stepped into the fields--sometimes I think big business's use of aromatherapy (ie in their marketing of same) is such a crock, but there was something clean and relaxing and astringent about the fresh lavender smell that put mass-marketed potions in the shade. An astounding number of bees were working the field. Generally I'm a bit apprehensive of the little critters, but I waded right in, figuring we were all workers together, and that seems to have done the trick. Listening to the wind dashing lightly through the trees surrounding the property, the overpowering hypnotic hum of the bees, the occasional cheerful calls from kildeer (I think), sparrows, and chickadees, and the bleating of the lambs down the hill, while kneeling in warm dirt up to my elbows in lavender: peacefulness.

Superlative company; divine lavender lemonade; shopping accomplished; two lavender bushes planted in my back yard; little bunches of fresh lavender throughout my house.


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drspartacuss said...

Wow, that sounds really great!

Congrats on being the first to complete a Thing!! You are a trailblazer, and that trail is lined with lavender.