Sunday, July 15, 2007

For My Inner OCD Girl

Lots of readers in this community, right? How about book hoarders? I'd ask you to raise your hand, but then you might lose your place. :-)

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite websites: Library Thing!

I've looked at a lot of book-cataloguing software (and I do mean a lot, because I am Obsesso-Compulsive Girl), and this is by far my favorite. The real advantage is that it's stored on SOMEONE ELSE'S system, thus saving my gigabytes for important stuff like Titan Quest: Immortal Throne. And um, syllabi and stuff. Yeah. This makes sense to me, because in a (knock-on-wood, god forbid) fire situation, I want my book list off-site. And itemized, so the insurance will have to replace all of it, as opposed to handing me a measly lump sum.

That all sounds so sensible, doesn't it? But really, it's the thrill of listing!

This last year, since we moved into the new office space, my fabulous readers catalogued ALL my office books--no mean feat. I started the house collection about 1 1/2 years ago; since then, my Better Half has manually catalogued all our DVDs. And way behind on the books.

Officially, then, my next Five Things task is to get the rest of my personal library into Library Thing. Five Thing? Library Thing? See how that works?

Other confirmed bibliophiles wanting to poke through my library, or wanting a more detailed explanation of the virtues of Library Thing, may beg nicely.

Just Like a Root Canal

I got the #)$(*&_#)$(*ing, wretched R&T dossier completed. James Boswell once said, "There is nothing like the thrill of having written," and I couldn't agree more--especially when it comes to administrivia. The dossier was handed in on June 29 at 4:45 p.m., right before we left for vacation (sorry, 5-Thingers, I've been out of town and thus am behind on reading everyone's progress). So, for better or for worse, I can check this one off the list.

If I make full professor, will I have to admit I'm a grown-up?